Amazon Seller Gold Rush Happening Right Now

Amazon Seller Gold Rush Happening Right Now

When was the moment Amazon stopped being the harbinger of the retail apocalypse, and become the platform where millions of SMBs are selling their products? Amazon doesn't disclose exactly how many millions of third-party sellers they have using their Marketplace, but we can assume it's a lot.

>50% of Amazon Sales by Third-Party Sellers

From Bezo's latest letter to shareholders:

In 2017, for the first time in our history, more than half of the units sold on Amazon worldwide were from our third-party sellers.

How many sellers does Amazon have? How many of them are mega corporations? How many of them are small shops looking for more places to monetize their inventory? How many are something in between?

We don't know the answers to these questions, but new research from Feedadvisor was published today by Recode that sheds some light on the situation. According to Feedadvisor's survey, 19% of of Amazon merchants are selling at least $1 million per year, up from 10% last year.

Put another way, the number of SMBs hitting that revenue level doubled in the past year. Make no mistake, there is an Amazon third-party seller gold rush revolution underway. And it's being led by thousands and thousands (more?) of individual entrepreneurs and small companies you and I have never heard of. But we've probably bought their products on Amazon.

80% of Amazon Merchants Sell their Goods on Other Channels

And that revolution is even spilling out of Amazon and onto other marketplaces. If you can sell your widget on Amazon, why wouldn't you sell it on eBay and Walmart too?

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